beginner paragliding panikhaiti feb 2016

  1. course name = beginner-paragliding

  2. start = 26 february 2016 08:00 ist

  3. finish = 6 march 2016 04:00 ist

  4. venue = panikhaiti, near guwahati, assam, india, for google map location click here

  5. instructor = 2

  6. assistant = 2

  7. max student = 10

  8. course is in 3 stages

    1. stage 1: rs 8000.. includes.. paragliding and flying theory, reference to book or written material that will be provided with course, ground handling.. all non-flying..

    2. stage 2: rs 12000.. includes.. winch launch basics, a paraglider pilot is connected to winch with 1km line, that is connected to a 4x4 wheeler.. this wheeler pulls the pilot using this line and winch, and makes him/her airborne upto 1km high.. pilot disconnects the line and paraglides down.. entire cycle takes about 20 minutes with around 10 minutes airborne fly time

    3. stage 3: rs 18000.. includes.. at least 4 flights of 100+ meter high, giving pilot enough confidence in take off, flying, and landing

  9. overall the course consists of

    1. paragliding theory and practice,

    2. with at least 6 winch-launches of more than 100 meter high.. winch launching is more effective than natural launch, as in later paraglider has to wait for perfect wind conditions (6-12 kmph).. with winch launch we safely can guarantee more launches, and more practice in paragliding

  10. after successfully completing the course, student can progress to beginner-paramotoring, for which announcement will be made in near future

  11. total fee = rs 38000 (includes accommodation and food)

  12. security deposit = rs 20000, will be refunded provided student has met required terms and conditions

  13. for booking and payment please email:  or call hemraj bora at +91 98 64 045424, or naveen rao at +91 88 00 624400

  14. refund will be provided if course is cancelled

  15. fee should reach aeroassam 24 hours before your course starting date/time

  16. cancellation is allowed before this date and time

  17. no cancellation and refund will be made after that

  18. student should be

    1. of minimum 15 years and not more than 75 years

    2. normal fitness

  19. student will have to confirm and sign

    1. indemnity form, and

    2. confirmation form to abide by rules and regulations of the course, including instructor, resources use, public and private property, etc. a format will be released soon

  20. no other special skills in student are required to begin

  21. language of the course will be in assamese, english, hindi.. you need to know any one of these language

  22. rent for paraglider, harness, helmet, radio equipment, etc is included in the course..

  23. accommodation and stay is available with following options

    1. at lokhra aeroassam guest house rs 300 per day

    2. panikhaiti campsite with rs 200 per day with your own tent and bedding

    3. provision for tent and bedding is available with extra cost

  24. food charges are included as following

    1. breakfast rs 50

    2. lunch rs 150

    3. dinner rs 150

    4. packed sandwich with energy drink like packed milk, juice, etc. rs 50

  25. transport from lokhra to flying site rs 50 per day is included

  26. no travel charges will be provided between student home city/town and guwahati

  27. pickup and drop from guwahati train/air/bus hubs, to the chosen accommodation site are rs 150 each are included

  28. printed theory course material will be provided

  29. terms and conditions for students

    1. no damage or dues are left on student's side after the end of the course

    2. student follows basic rules and regulations set by aeroassam for the event

    3. student takes care of aeroassam resources, and causes no damage to them, in case of accidental damage then student pays for the cost for that maintenance or repair

  30. as of 17 feb 2016, and based on current weather forecast, we expect pleasant weather for paragliding.. however weather forecast may change.. and if it’s not in favor of flying for few days then course days will be either

    1. extended for next few days, or

    2. student will be provided entry into next course (max time upto 1 year) for rest of the days ..however there will be no refund of the course fee

  31. based on event requirement event format, activity date, time, and duration may change.. please get in touch with us as soon as possible to align it with your requirements of date, time, format, etc