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develop course

develop aerosports (paragliding, parasailing, paramotor, etc) theory and practical training and learning courses.. these are free (for eligible people, groups, and institutions) as well as paid.. in 3 levels beginner, intermediate, and advance.. and level having 2 type: theory, practice.. aeroassam would develop own model of these courses.. and later on look for affiliation of these modules with other national or international agency for certification or standardization

draft is as follows, and need development

            basic     intermediate    advance
theory    500        500            500
practice    1000    1000        1000

in short
    theory: no flying
    practice: flying
    venue: guwahati, panikhaiti
    time: 9am-3pm
basic theory
    1 day
    prerequisite: yrs 15+ 75-, x+ std, normal health and fitness
    equipment (all provided): paraglider, radio, helmet, harness, board/projector, reference-written-material, notebook, pen, winch, 4x4 vehicle
    paraglider... structure, parts, working, care
    weather.. wind-speed, ....
    airlaw.. fly areas, restrictions, rules
    safety... obstructions,...
    ground handling.. area,...
    fly-cycle.. site selection, site checks, unpack, pre-flight glider checks, attach, more checks, takeoff, continuous checks, fly, land, more checks, post flight checks, pack, leave site, record
    exam.. objective 20 questions.. (including 5 important)
    certificate.. all 5 important correct, 10 out of remaining 15 correct.. overall 75%

basic practice
    1 day
    prerequisite: basic theory passed certificate
    equipment.. as mentioned in basic theory
    packing required items
    visiting site
    recap of basic theory
    practice ground handling
    fly-cycle.. from 20 meter slope, or winch launch upto 50 meter

intermediate theory
    3 day
intermediate practice
    3 day

advance theory
    5 day
advance practice
    5 day