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google for nonprofit

  1. (this task) register google for nonprofit as our it infrastructure (email, youtube, site, hangout, google earth/maps..and lots more)
  2. (completed) for that apply for bigtech nasscomfoundation
  3. (completed) and get approval
  4. (completed) once approved apply for google for nonprofit
  5. (completed) and get approval from google..
  6. (completed) once done, then copy to
  7. (completed) then at google apps for nonprofit, create emails like, and treasurer, gs (general secretary), vp (vice president), ..and so on..
  8. (pending) and redirect these emails to respective personal email addresses.. however all emails will be preserved so that if someone leaves and new person takes the post then he/she can access the old emails..
  9. (pending) create and move videos to youtube channel...
  10. (pending) create and move images to picasa..
  11. (pending) create and move docs to google drive..
  12. (pending) share these resources with all in executive body..
  13. (pending) and find if it's to be shared with others..
  14. (pending) train executive body with google resources (site, youtube, gdrive, gmail, etc) so they can use it themselves
  15. (pending) create contacts and share with all
  16. (pending) create calendar.....groups... etc