memorandum of association

(registered under societies registration act, xxi of 1860)

  1. name of the society “aerosports association of assam”, madhav nagar, khanapara, guwahati

  2. the office of the society is situated in the district of kamrup

  3. the objects for which the society is established are:

    1. to establish a centre for promotion of aero-sports, games, physical education, personality development, etc., in the state of assam

    2. to encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct and / or undertake any activity of charitable nature

    3. to arrange, regulate and manage tournaments, exhibition, cultural events, games, coaching and training camps and to offer the facilities of the society to institutions or organizations approved by the society

    4. to establish an aero sports centre with residential, recreational, entertainment and reading room facilities

    5. to encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct, and/or undertake programmes and schemes in the field of cultural activity, education, social welfare, etc.

    6. to organize, co-operate, co-ordinate, and hold concerts, competitions, programmes, symposiums, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc, in achieving the above objectives

    7. to prepare teams and sports persons, acquire necessary materials, premises, grounds, lands, buildings, etc

    8. to make, adopt, vary, register rules, regulations, bylaws and conditions for the utilization of the society for the promotion of activities beneficial to the attainment of the objects of the society

    9. to receive subscriptions from members of the society and to receive grants from any government or local body and to receive donations, loans or contributions from members and well-wishers of the society either in cheque, cash, or kind

    10. to purchase, take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property, rights, easements or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of carrying out of the objects of the society.

    11. to create and maintain the necessary infrastructure to achieve the above objectives.

    12. to carry out any other activity or programme in furtherance of the above objectives.

  4. the names, address and designation of the present members of the executive committee (or governing body) are:-

    1. dr. asha bora,  president, madhab nagar, khanapara, guwahati-781002

    2. mr. bibhuti dutta, vice president, murali apartment, japorigog, guwahati-781005

    3. mr hemraj bora, secretary, jagadish complex, ulubari, guwahati-781007

    4. mr. biswaiit talukdar, treasurer, asomi path, mathura nagar, dispur, guwahati-781006

  5. we the undersigned are desirous of forming a society in pursuance of this memorandum of association

signature in full; address, occupation and designation; full name with seal and sign

    1. (dr. asha bora) madhab nagar,khanapara, guwahati—781002 business, president

    2. (mr hemraj bora) jagadish complex, ulubari, guwahati -781007 business, secretary

    3. (mr. biswajit talukdar) asomi path, mathura nagar, dispur, guwahati-781006 business, treasurer

    4. (mr. bibhuti dutta) murali apartment, japorigog, guwahati-781005 business,vice president

    5. (mustafa s.m. musawir) lakhimi path, rgb road, guwahati—781024 executive member

    6. (mr. laishram leingmba) kachari basti, dispur, guwahati-781005 executive member

    7. (mr trideep sangma) zoo narengi road, geeta nagar, guwahati—781024 executive member