title detail email     address
 asha bora
president founding member of aeroassam, entrepreneur guwahati
 hemraj bora
  founding member of aeroassam, private pilot license, entrepreneur, 10 yrs in hospitality, manages aero model centre, 1000 tandem hours per year, 130 solo hours per year, son of aashaa bora guwahati
 biswajit talukdar
 treasurer founding member of aeroassam
 bibhuti dutta
 vice president
 founding member of aeroassam guwahati
 mustafa s m musawir
 executive member
 founding member of aeroassam, mechanical engineer wiz, looks after all machines, you may like to know how he and hemraj met guwahati
 laishram leingmba executive member guwahati
 trideep sangma executive member guwahati
 nayan gohain consultant guwahati
 naveen rao
 captain, pilot, trainer, flew throughout india and australia, adventure crazy, entrepreneur australia
 suman bahuguna
 consultant computer techie, looks after information technology infrastructure of aeroassam guwahati
 doley assistant, employee guwahati

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