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team resources

team members have access to following online resources.. for any query like details on your account name, password, or how to use these resources, etc, please feel free to email
  1. account, with user like firstname.lastname and password, using which you can login and access following services..
  2. mails are available from: .. it's google mail format like following
    1. if you're logging at the first time, then please do the following
      1. change your password
      2. change your profile image
      3. set signature as follows... go to wrench menu at the top right > settings > signature .. and fill following to set your signatures  … use small text.. and verdana font.. and at the bottom click ‘save changes’


        ngo society registration number: rs/kam(m)/263/i/194 of 2014-2015

        madhav nagar, khanapara, guwahati, kamrup(m), assam, india, 781002

        phone: +91 88110 91429, +91 98640 23255, +91 98640 45424

        we aim to be affordable and accessible aero sports club welcoming all to enjoy flying
      5. set default font to 'verdana' and size to '10'
      6. use 'search' option to search through your emails
      7. there are many other features, like 'sent items' folder on the left to see the mails sent by you, or 'themes' section to change the theme of your mail service, etc.. so feel free to explore it
    2. if you hold the post, like president, treasurer, secretary, vp, then please also login to respective account like, or and
      1. change the password
      2. redirect mails from here to your named account, 
        1. click gears/circular icon at the top right, as shown in the above image.. then
        2. click 'forwarding and pop/imap' label.. then
        3. click 'add a forwarding address'.. and
        4. fill in your named account, like for it'll be  ... 
        5. it'll send a verification code to your named account.. in other window login to your named account, and get the confirmation code and fill here .. 
        6. once confirmation is successful
        7. select 'forward a copy of incoming mail to .....' as well as
        8. select "mark aerosports association of assam mail's copy as read"
        9. also scroll further down and click 'save changes'
        10. this process will then direct your management post (president, vp, secretary, etc) posts to your named this will help aeroassam when these posts were changed by another person, and the new person can login to management post account and catch up with previous activities/mails
    3. you can use above method to direct your named mails from domain to your personal mailbox (i.e.,, etc..)
  3. documents, images, folders are available:
    1. use your user and password, and after you're logged in you'll see above drive view, then
    2. click 'shared with me'
    3. it'll show you 'aeroassam' folder.. click it
    4. which will show you 'doc', 'image', and 'video' folders.. please use these for respective purposes..
    5. please note that these folders are shared across it's recommended to use these folders to create and modify files, contents, etc.. so please do use it often.. 
    6. use new option to create new 'word' or 'presentation' etc.. create them in respective folder.. use the share button at the top right, to send the link of the document to other participants.. if they're in then they'll have default edit permission.. upto 10 people can simultaneously modify the document, and it's a great way to work together.. so do give that a try too
    7. use 'search drive' bar and enter text to find a document with respective name, or contents
  4. calendar is available at:
    1. after logging in to your account, click 'aeroassam public calendar' in the left pane
    2. you can also change the layout to 'month' or 'week' or 'day', etc
    3. the calendar will show you events, like in green bar, starting from 26th february, 8am, it's showing beginner-paragliding event.. click it to see more detail
    4. use the search bar to find event
  5. contacts are available at
    1. after login, click 'directory' in the left pane.. this will then show you organization wide shared directory, with names, email, phones, etc
    2. notice that this directory is available throughout other resources, like when address emails to someone, these entries will get auto filled as you type someone from this directory
  6. to add more details on
    1. which is to manage and content to the aeroassam website
    2. picasa image library
    3. youtube video library
    4. hangout for hosting web conference