29 jun 2017 23:59
    society registration to complete term and requires renewal


12 feb 2016 07:00
    suman messaged meghalaya paragliding association.. suggesting to team up in creating a growing ecosystem of aerosports, paragliding, etc in north east india

11 feb 2016 18:00
    few other problems raised to 'google for nonprofit' were resolved.. this includes sharing calendar with all accounts in aeroassam.in, there are presently 14 accounts for administrator, manager, members.. the issue was in google sync taking more than 24 hours, and manual mechanism to include shared calendar with all domain accounts

10 feb 2015 19:15
    suman posted following message to facebook pages/groups (aerosports association of assam, para-glide/motor haflong -5 member, parties and events in guwahati - 31k member - pending for approval, assam tourism, paragliding, paragliding in nepal, northeast india with 7k members)... aeroassam is conducting beginner-paragliding course, starting 20 feb 2017, at panikhaiti, guwahati.. more information at http://www.aeroassam.in/beginner-paragliding-panikhaiti-feb-2016

10 feb 2015 18:45
    suman created whatsapp 'tandem paramotor user' group, consisting of about 47 persons.. and posted following message.. hi.. this is aeroassam tandem paramotor user group.. more about us at http://www.aeroassam.in/ .. we believe, you or your acquaintance, enjoyed tandem paramotoring in rongali 2016 at guwahati, organised by aeroassam.. hope you enjoyed it.. with this group we would like to have your feedback, or update you of our future events, that you may like to join  please feel free to suggest if you would like some other mode of communication, like email, facebook page, website feed, etc.. also would like to inform that aeroassam is conducting 7 day long beginner-paragliding course in panikhaiti guwahati, starting 20 feb 2016.. if you or someone you know is interested then do check this http://www.aeroassam.in/beginner-paragliding-panikhaiti-feb-2016 .. cheers

10 feb 2015 07:00
    suman emailed base@pgaoi.org asking if aeroassam can be state representative of pgaoi (para gliding association of india) by subscribing suitable membership

9 feb 2015 15:00
    a major problem of aeroassam site where the url/links where not native, and hence were pointing to google site, is resolved.. in other words aeroassam.in/timeline would was taking to sites.google.com/... this was resolved with the help of google apps engineers/support from usa.. with this aeroassam.in site is also moved under google apps, instead of google personal site (aero.assam@gmail.com).. more details are with suman, who worked on this on behalf of aeroassam.. also more information is available at email account of gapps@aeroassam.in, which is the main google apps admin for aeroassam 'google for nonprofit' platform, and info-tech system

5 feb 2015 10:30
    hemraj and suman discussed on following..
        suman updated of his past activities were following.. aeroassam's information technology is ready, with website http://aeroassam.in , youtube video channel, picasa picture/image, gmails (for president, secretary, and all staff), gdrive as our information storage, and a lot more.. invested around rs 35k.. associated at panikhaiti and rongali events of aeroassam..  subscribed to 'ngo partnership system' of indian government, and using it am working to create an ecosystem where we can network with other ngos, where we each other using aerosports, as a leisure, or adventure, or career, or productive opportunity
        suman suggested that he would like to do following in near future... become executive member of aeroassam.. as main aims by being exec-member will be to make aeroassam financially sustainable, affordable to users, and a systematic organization.... alternatively i can be volunteer or consultant and support aeroassam from outside.. whichever role will it be, i would like to develop the info-tech architecture more.. and pass on the technical know-how to existing members and future, which includes updates, maintenance, etc.. i would also like to record aeroassam assets, including finances... so as to ensure that aeroassam knows its worth, and increases it, like being financially stable and profitable for individuals... one example is to define rental value of our resources (paragliders, paramotors, trikes, guest house, training rooms, etc) and ensure that we get these used with suitable returns so that these are sustainable.. it also include the personal skills and resources that we've in aeroassam.. i found aeroassam when i was looking to host aerosports event at haflong.. also this morning i had conversation with paragliding association of uttarakhand, as it is looking for pilots and event managers for their event on 26th march 2016.. there are lots of other groups out there in guwahati, assam, india, and world where we can sell our existing resources and get suitable returns.. this leads to networking with other organisations.. in guwahati and surrounding, assam, north east, india, world.. .. this includes affiliation with standard associations of india and world, like paragliding association of india, etc.. organize regular events, and courses, around guwahati and around, to promote aerosports and make aeroassam and guwahati as main.
        suman mentioned what he has done for aeroassam.. which includes ... aeroassam.in website with complete organisation info-tech infrastructure at 'google for nonprofit' is ready.. this includes website, announcement, membership, current activity, future plans, member list, emails like president@aeroassam.in as well as for other managers like treasurer, secretary, vp,... google drive, youtube channel, picasa library, adwords accessibility, company shared calendar etc..
        suman suggested other activities that aeroassam would like to do, where suman can also help.. like develop courses, online payment for membership and courses.. ticketing for events, etc.. aeroassam major asset financial recording, for economic sustainability.. this includes recording existing assets and their value and future expectations from these, and fixing earning value like rent of trike, guest-house, gypsy, your skills, and so on.. annual report preparation.. fcra registration .. bank account ..
        suman updated hemraj on climbing-circle and expected follow up.. that climbing circle is for-profit , other sports companies are mainly non-profit ngos.. climbing circle..4 partners, average age 20-30yrs.. into sports.. experts in rock and rope activities, like rappelling, rock-climbing.. also organise events for water based activities like rafting, trekking, expedition etc.. 1 day to 1 week.. few sites (rented) around guwahati.. develop a site of their own.. can provide us ticket management / commerce.. marketing to their audience.. aeroassam can launch paid activities quickly.. other options may take time and can go in parallel.. on the other hand if we join hands with climbing-circle (or other for-profit companies) now then it'll help us gain their experience, to develop our own for-profit branch.. experience in executing packages and events and developing sites.. both sports organisation..profit/remuneration will be agreed in advance.. shared resources tents, toilets, fooding, permission.. apply for loan. money collection and distribution will be taken care by climbing-circle, which in return pays required amount to aeroassam for its services like hiring charges of aeroassam equipment, pilot payment, running expenses etc.. we can define these charges so that aeroassam helps create assets for future, and make aeroassam and participants (consultants, equipment owners, etc) financially stable and profitable
        hemraj mentioned aeroassam's commercial branch as flying-fox is being worked out
        suman suggested on next flying event and preparation.. suggested event name is panikhaiti sports weekend, and dates are three weekends.. 20/21 feb 2016.. venue is panikhaiti beach.. aeroassam will be responsible for aerosports activities, including consultants, equipment hires.. climbing-circle will take care other suitable sports activities, like rappelling, water sports, climbing, hiking, camping, etc.. for this event aeroassam will look for the non-profit side, whereas climbing-circle look for profit-side.. climbing-circle will also look after commercial side, like ticketing, sharing profits, etc.. aeroassam and climbing circle will create detailed expected financial plan, which includes profit sharing with all consultants, pilots, staff, experts, etc.. both will help each other get permissions, if any, from district commissioner, local authorities, police, etc.. both will do their best to make the event sustainable in future.. like making it peaceful, supporting local industry/labor/markets, zero or minimal environment impact including proper garbage disposal, etc.. profit sharing will be in 4 categories.. high, medium, basic, nil.. in high we'll put experts, owners, etc whose skills are not available and without which/whom the show can't run.. and so on.. nil will be for volunteers and all those who voluntarily are willing not to take part in profit.. please consider me in the 'nil' category, but i would suggest most of others to get placed in other categories as that's the only way to make it sustainable.. i'll also like myself in those categories in future, but not now.. both organizations will expand this draft.. including expected financial details.. and monitor it.. we'll have to take stock of experts among us.. like financial wiz, organizers, experts, etc.. and share these responsibilities.. i can take care of info-tech/ communication/ project-peer-review/ working and few other roles or fill in those with unavailable roles
        hemraj mentioned that it’s being worked on.. 20th feb mini flying festival for a week.. probably at bharalumukh.. or panikhaiti.. ticketing etc will be worked out by respective companies..
        suman suggested other ideas.. i.e. follow up to rongali like if resources used are put in place/ maintenance/ service/ cleaning / storage/ audit-for-missing things.. indemnity forms to create whatsapp-user-group, event-user-group.. for thanks, future marketing, and pr.. with iie, ama.. from 16/19th feb is organising rs 5000 ..week event.. at iie.. paragliding association of india..and states.. linking up with them.. to let them know what we did..and what they can do for us.. joining together.. creating website.. sharing resources.. defining resource usage price and value..pilot fee for events, resource rental amount, resource transportation and breakage cost, event management, etc.. training and practice courses for individuals and institutions, and can share these too.. and developing flying sites in assam and north east.. also to help create ecosystem in india for paragliding, where we can help each other get affiliation like of pai (paragliding association of india), and try many other things together

4 feb 2015 15:30
    servicing of motors and trikes by hemraj

1 feb 2015 10:30
    motors and remaining stuff transported out from bharalumukh site to lokhra guest house   

31 jan 2015 10:30
    rongali third and last day

30 jan 2015 10:30
    rongali second day

29 jan 2015 10:30
    rongali first day

28 jan 2015 16:30
    panikhaiti session ends.. camps/tents are lifted.. and packed.. and everything transported to bharumukh riverfront.. the best thing was 20 minutes ride for 2 tandem trikes, 1 solo trike, and 1 solo paramotor, from panikhaiti camp site to bharalumukh riverfront, over river brahamputra.. it was followed by an hour of flying at bharalumukh.. and then later on basic preparation for rongali event for next 3 days.. few aeroassam associates (pilots, assistants, etc) stayed at dolphin hotel at bharalumukh, which is 3 minutes drive from rongali site, and few others stayed at lokhra aeroassam guest house.. aeroassam associates were.. hemraj bora (secretary aeroassam), naveen rao (pilot), pd ghosh (pilot), nayan gohain, dole, naveen tiwari, yogesh,.....

18 jan 2015 11:30
    panikhaiti session starts.. northeast winds about 10kmph.. clear sky.. hemraj, naveen, pankaj, dole, suman joined.. hemraj and naveen tought reverse launch to pankaj, dole, and suman.. this lasted for about 2 hours.. naveen and suman operated winch and gypsy(4x4) to tow hemraj, who reached height of about 700 meter and flew for about 8 minutes.. had in lunch packed veg-thali from kiranshree, followed by beer by nayan
    finished at around 17:00

15 jan 2015 11:00
    panikhaiti session starts.. northeast winds about 8kmph.. clear sky.. hemraj, naveen, pankaj, dole, suman joined.. hemraj, and naveen operated winch and gypsy(4x4) to tow dole, suman, and pankaj.. suman reached height of about 600 meter with total flying time of about 7 minutes.. dole reached height of about 400 meter with flytime of about 5 minutes
    finished at around 17:00

13 jan 2015 14:15    
    suman created https://sites.google.com/site/aeroassam/ from aero.assam@gmail.com account

13 jan 2015 10:40
    suman uploaded required documents to bigtech nasscom donation program for ngo.. for more on bigtech nasscom click here

11 jan 2015 11:00
    panikhaiti session starts.. northeast winds about 4kmph.. hazy sky.. hemraj, naveen, nayan, dole, suman joined.. hemraj and naveen instructed suman, nayan, and dole.. hemraj and naveen used winch and gypsy(4x4) to tow nayan, dole, and suman individually, and they reached the height of around 400 meter, flying for about 4 minutes each.. nayan brought delicious sesame-pork-curry, aloo-paratha, and veg-biryani, which all had together
    finished at around 17:00

09 jan 2015 11:50
    suman took snap copies of society documents at society office

21 dec 2015 12:20
    suman registered aeroassam.in with godaddy for around rs 2500 for next 5 years

1 jul 2014 a13:00
    hemraj and others registered "aerosports association of assam"